Of the Association for Drama in Education in Ireland.

Proud affiliates of IDEA Europe, IDEA International & IDIERI

Founded in 1999, the ADEI provides a forum which aims to support those who are interested in using drama in various educational settings in Ireland, through workshops, conferences and resources. The Association for Drama in Education is a voluntary professional organisation with a committee composed of people whose educational specialisation and expertise are in Educational Drama. Between us we teach at all levels - Primary, Secondary, Third level, communities, or any teaching and learning setting.


Our Principal Aims Are:

a) to encourage and promote the use of Drama in Education (DIE) as a methodology and as an art form

b) to engage in activities which promote an understanding of drama and to liaise with other drama and educational organisations in this endeavor

c) to provide a forum for people engaged in drama to share their experiences and to support one another.

In support of these aims, ADEI normally holds three DIE events during the academic year. Facilitators with a proven (and often international) record in the field of DIE are invited to conduct workshops which are open to all who are interested in the work. ADEI has recently begun to develop its research role which is aimed at supporting those engaged in or about to embark on research in DIE.

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